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Analytics Consulting

Statistics, Data Mining and Optimization   


  • Determine unique market segments,

  • Identify the attributes of high-value prospects,

  • Identify key attributes of customers for each of your products,

  • Select promotional strategies tailored to each customer segment,

  • Determine which marketing activities has greatest impact,

  • Optimize your promotional campaigns,

  • Improve cross-selling and up-selling, and

  • Identify new prospects.


InfoMaker provides the quantitative expertise to evaluate marketing programs and maximize customer knowledge. 

We mine data from data warehouses, websites, surveys, and third party sources.  InfoMaker consultants apply specialized techniques from the disciplines of statistics, data mining, and operations research.  We use sophisticated techniques, such as, decision trees, neural networks, logistics regression, clustering, time series analysis, sequence analysis, and linear programming to name a few.  

Our data mining methodology is based on the CRISP-DM process model.


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